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Bijagos Archipelago (Guinea-Bissau)

Following the rhythm of the tides, we enter the Bijagos archipelago: 88 islands that form one of the world’s richest reservoirs of biodiversity. The people of this region of Guinea-Bissau give the area its name and character. They maintain their traditions and legends, sharing them with pride and generosity.

· Bissau
· Mercado do Bandim
· Bolama
· Bulaque
· Carache
· Eguba
· Ganogo
· Menegue
· Orangozinho
· Unhocomo
· Uracane
· Unhocomozinho
· Galinhas
· Orango Grande
· Poilão
· Canhabaque
· Rubane
· Uno

Among deserted beaches, we go into a sea of clear waters and never want to leave. We enjoy the afternoon snacks prepared on board our cruise, the boat that takes us between tabancas (villages) and mangroves, to experience the great adventure of nature.

We travel aboard a yacht, the ideal transport for this region of Atlantic Africa: avessel with a maximum capacity of 8 people, where we are accompanied by a comfort manager, with different plans for each day thatdepending on how we feel and the colours of the days.

We can find wild islands and paradisiacal beaches, where the blue of the sea rivals the light of the south. Plunging our feet into the mud to discover a mosaic of different landscapes, a new mangrove, a marshy savannah or a dense forest.

Waking up to open the windows to a new landscape every day: a new beach or nature reserve. The tours do not have fixed routes but take the travellers along singular paths, defined in a balance between travellers’ interests and the “commands” of nature.

We share with the Bijagos, the people who inhabit this area, the magic and intensity of their traditions and legends. We enjoy the unique and contrasting colours of their society, where the sacred nature of the landscape transfigures the trees, the water of the ancient delta, the animals themselves and people in magical elements that inhabit the territory of the imagination. A tribal culture that will whet the travellers’ curiosity.

These islands are a world landmark for biodiversity, as well as nesting and migration routes for thousands of bird species. From the Island of Orando to Poilão, where we can observe spawning turtles and, depending on the time of year and a bit of luck, the last community of marine hippopotamuses in the world. The Bijagos are an immersive experience of wild and exuberant nature.



Passing Through Bissau

Bissau is a vibrant, lively city with very friendly and helpful people, and must-see spots like the hustle and bustle of Bandim Market!

Travellers wishing to join us on this adventure trip will meet us in Bissau before boarding the yacht. We suggest that you contact us so that we can give you all the necessary support to purchase travel tickets and insurance for this destination.

We will provide the transfer from the airport to the city, taking the chance to experience Bissau, in a short tour to get to know its people and feel its bustling environment.

In Bissau we find the joy of warm people and the unforgettable frenzy of Bandim market, among other must-see places.



Cruise through the Islands

The trips will be varied, according to the ebb and flow of the tides and the interests of our travellers. We will enjoy the vast experience and local knowledge of our captain and his crew in selecting the most interesting destinations, the most remote places and the wildest islands. Getting to know some of the local tabancas (villages), we will find a different society, with almost no monetary economy, a generous tribal society that shares its traditions.

On this trip, we will find deserted islands every day, wild and untouched landscapes, with must-see stops at some islands such as Orangozinho, João Vieira, Canhabaque and Poilão, all of which make up the National Marine Park. In the first half of the season (January to June), you can also take a boat trip to visit the island of Orango Grande, where there is a very rare community of marine hippopotamuses.

Meals, prepared by the boat’s chef, will be served on board (at dinner), and lunches will be served in clearings in the woods, or under the palm trees of a beach we are visiting.

The team of fishermen who accompany the trip will provide a variety of fresh fish, caught on the same day, for us to enjoy.

At the end of the day, we will be able to enjoy the sunset on the deck of the yacht in the company of wines and freshly cooked dishes. We let our gaze wander, without precision or destination, over the calm waters of the Atlantic.


Cost per person in double cabin

30% payment at the time of booking
70% payment one month before the cruise

single occupancy of a double cabin — 500€. Other extras such as fishing experiences, speedboats andfishing equipment, as well as visits to some of the natural park islands, are subject to payment and require prior arrangement.
Prices include: airport pickup, airport transfers, insurance, all meals with drinks included, tours and all activities during the 6 days in the archipelago.

Trip for a maximum of 8 people, with different specialized guides. The programme may change for reasons beyond the organization’s control.

All the photos of this programme are by Jorge Horta’s. Only the first photo is by António Freitas


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