Clube ADU is an invitation to the journey within you.

We are wandering, passionate. We want to preserve native nature and the unique landscapes that excite us so much. We want to stop and listen to the silence of a starry sky. We want to share stories while savouring a meal entirely made of local products.

Clube ADU is a different kind of group, where members can enjoy eco-holidays but also suggest new routes and experiences, where sustainability is defended through energy efficiency and the use of nearby products helps enrich local communities.

A participatory project for those who want to be involved, be more than travellers, but partners engaged in a new adventure together. A clan of people brought together by love and respect for our planet.

ADU Segments

Into the Wild

The "mother" segment of the project. This is about ecological, comfortable camping, with private bathrooms and all-in experience, fully integrated into a native landscape. A unique experience of immersion in nature.


Travel to remote places where nature and local culture merge in an exotic and dizzying way. In shades of adventure, the days will be peppered with encounters flavoured by the authenticity of local protagonists.


Get to know spots of unique nature in Portugal, accompanying local communities, knowledge and ancestral flavours. A curated experience of excellence for those who are attentive to detail.

How to

A curious mind, an attentive heart and busy hands are the secret to happiness. These are our weekend programs where you can learn, hands on, about regional cultural realities, discovering some of their great secrets.

Route from the Aveiro Ria to the Serra da Freita, Portugal

A carefully selected experience revealing contrasts in landscapes and ways of life, marked by the peaceful tempo of nature in a single region covering a radius of less than 100 km.

Archipelago of Bijagos, Guinea-Bissau

Following the rhythm of the tides, we enter the Bijagos archipelago: 88 islands that form one of the world’s richest reservoirs of biodiversity. The people from this region of Guinea-Bissau maintain their traditions and legends, sharing them with pride and character.

Workshop, Serra da Estrela, Portugal

A simple recipe: take the thistle on the mountain, make the rennet, add it to milk that has to be at the ideal temperature. Finally, squeeze the cheese until it’s perfectly homogeneous. Tasting and trying, a cheese experience in the heart of Serra da Estrela.

Workshop, Vieira do Alentejo, Portugal

A weekend dedicated to the ancestral practices of the wool cycle, accompanied by tasting the gastronomic specialties of the Alentejo.

Next destination?

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Where should we go on our next expedition? We invite Clube ADU members to choose our next destinations. Who knows, maybe we could go to the moon?


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Olá. Estamos felizes com o teu contacto. Clube ADU é um projeto participativo, para quem ama a viagem, feito por pessoas, para pessoas. Queremos saber de ti, queremos que nos digas o que pensas, o que sentes, as tuas dúvidas e sugestões. Seja o que for, faz-nos chegar a tua mensagem através deste primeiro contacto: um canal de comunicação, que te iniciará neste novo projeto. Sempre enquanto for do teu interesse. 

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