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Workshop, Viana do Alentejo (Portugal)

Workshop — Viana do Alentejo (Portugal)

The artisan tradition of wool production is intimately connected to the natural fondness that men and women have for their sheep, docile beings with dark wet eyes and bulky fur.

· Viana do Alentejo
· Casa da Várzea

This is why our journey begins with the sheep, campaniças sheep to be more exact. One of the last rustic sheep breeds in Europe, thanks to its resistance on the Alentejo plains, they have become an ecological sign of the territory.

In Viana do Alentejo we will find them in their bucolic setting, admiring their character and especially their wool, softer than other breeds.

Clube ADU proposes a weekend dedicated to the ancestral practices of the wool cycle, accompanied by a tasting of the gastronomic specialties of the Alentejo, which means good cheeses, sausages and wines, bread and stews, for starters. We learn and try out sheep shearing and carding, we observe the spinning instruments and finally we set foot in the process of felting. A process that recovers collective traditions from the rural world with a very contemporary sensibility. An activity driven by a group of people dedicated to artistic and artisanal creation and research..

First Day: Arriving at the location, in the municipality of Viana do Alentejo, to see the campaniça sheep in their natural environment. Introduction to the theme of the wool cycle, and first experiences: sheep shearing and loads of laughter.

Lunch will be in a traditional tavern, with local aromas and flavours. In the afternoon, we give our imagination a hand with the practices of carding: we try the different qualities of wool and observe its colours, we see the objects involved in spinning and felting.

At the end of the afternoon, a break for dinner and to enjoy the delights of another traditional Alentejo tavern. Maybe, who knows, we will hear people breaking into song, the local Cante Alentejano. he well-deserved rest will be in a local 3-star Hotel.

Second Day: The morning will be spent in full artistic action, with the process of felting, and active artistic exploration, also saying farewell to the world of wool. A late lunch will be served at a traditional tavern, with the aroma of garlic fried in olive oil and the plains of Alentejo in the background.


Cost per person, including:

Insurance, lunch and Saturday dinner, sleeping in a double room, Sunday lunch and activities with guide and workshop leader.
Supplements: single room — 55€.


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