What we are doesn’t fit in one place.

We are a Club for people who love travel, adventures and encounters. We go out to meet wild nature and other men and women who live their own traditions and experiences.

A Club or a Clan. Whoever travels with us gets involved, decides, participates.

Choosing remote sites with remarkable natural landscapes to make holistic travel experiences. Combining authentic contact with local communities and respect for the values of the places we are located with a deep respect for nature by adopting environmental practices. Programmes that combine gastronomy and new experiences with ecological awareness and local sustainability.

We have developed a participatory and roaming vacation concept, with suggestions developed in partnership with Club members.

We all share structural principles: ecological sustainability; development of the communities where we are integrated; use of local resources; being in communion with nature, living new emotions and experiences.

Ecological Principles

Local Resources

Meals included in the programmes are produced mainly using zero-mile agricultural products, that is, products from within a 20km radius, following regional recipes and traditional methods. We favour projects developed locally, with makers engaged in producing authentic flavours.


We support projects involved in using clean energy technologies, free from carbon dioxide, either through microgeneration, with the installation of photovoltaic panels, using biothermal energy or other renewable ways of generating electricity.

Preservation of the Landscape

Our locations are mainly spaces of wild nature, native landscapes that are dear to us. Our aim is for these spaces to remain untouched by our visits. We help preserve them with zero cement policies, ephemeral construction and exclusively using organic materials .


We aim for a participatory culture, aesthetically and ethically shared by the members of the project.

Those who join ADU for a vacation experience may have their application to join the club approved, giving them access to special payment conditions, no charge for children under 4 years of age and active participation in the selection and organization of new destinations and vacation activities.

We are informal and ecological, creating the conditions for greater harmony and respect for nature in comfort and safety. Favouring the cultural expressions inherent to each region by following curatorial standards that underline the quality of the traditions, knowledge and skills of the communities in which we work.

Club members are expected to share ADU’s choices regarding the environment, nature, traditions and local realities.


discounts on all ADU initiatives: 10% for the Explora, How To and Close Up segments, and 20% for Into the Wild

Free for children under 4

50% discount for children between 5 and 12 years old

Participation in the annual prize draw to win an expedition

Receive first-hand information on new destinations and activities

One free day’s stay for each new guest brought to the Club

Option to phase the payment of your future vacations (in monthly or quarterly instalments)

Actively participating in Clube ADU decision-making


Participating in the life of the Club, giving constructive inputs to the project’s growth

Defending ADU’s choices regarding the environment, nature and local realities

Payment of quotas at suitable intervals; these can be used as credit for booking vacations


Olá. Estamos felizes com o teu contacto. Clube ADU é um projeto participativo, para quem ama a viagem, feito por pessoas, para pessoas. Queremos saber de ti, queremos que nos digas o que pensas, o que sentes, as tuas dúvidas e sugestões. Seja o que for, faz-nos chegar a tua mensagem através deste primeiro contacto: um canal de comunicação, que te iniciará neste novo projeto. Sempre enquanto for do teu interesse. 

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